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A Ferry Ride to Bally

Situated in the Howrah district in West Bengal, Bally is a city that is booming with life in a very peculiar Bengali way and has an authenticity to itself which calls out to be experienced. What attracts tourist towards the city is particularly the Hindu temples located right on the banks of the Hooghly River. Though it is separated from the famous Dakshineshwar temple by the same Hooghly River, Bally still bears the name for it. To experience the ostentatious visit to this temple, many take the ferry rides that are still in vogue from Bally Ferry.

Boats to Bally

Hooghly runs approximately 160 miles long and actually is one of the lengthy distributaries of the Ganges River. The river touches Bally and is one of the ways in which Bally is connected to Howrah and other nearby cities. Bally, because of its proximity to Kolkata and its religious importance, has a lot of traffic in and out. However the river banks assist in reducing the congestion in some parts of the town through these ferry rides for the daily passengers.

There are five railway stations in Bally and three major railway lines, but when it comes to the experience of enjoying your travel, the waterway takes away the cake. The new introduction of TukTuk is a boon in this area, as they are silent and pollution free but the visitors have to tick the boat ride. Although the overall scene along the river offers a plethora of distinct views but the originality and the distinctness on the banks of the river must not be missed at any cost.

Bally Ferry Ride

The town of Bally is of course on the Northern tip of the Howrah district and the distance to Howrah city is about 16 km by road. The trip by boat starts from near the Bally Bridge and on the banks of the river very close to the famous Dakshineshwar temple. The road route takes about 30 minutes to cover the distance by local transportation. The waterway boats that go to only limited locations on the banks are overall quicker.

As one moves from Bally to Howrah on the small wooden boats, confessions from life emerges that change from the rustle of the city traffic to at times sandbanks, cultivated rice patches and hamlets resting with lovely orchards. The boats are mostly punted across by the boatmen. The journey is from the Northern edge of the Ganga near the Bally Bridge now known as the Vivekananda Bridge. It moves to South towards the Howrah Bridge and that in its entirety necessitates to be soaked in. The town of Bally has a Ferry start point, the pier which is called the Bally Ghat.

Around Bally Ghat are also a number of fishing boats with fishermen that are the key to the fresh water fish enjoyed by the Bengalis to the fullest. These fishermen additionally boost up the feel of the trip adding to the excitement.

The silent and calm patch of the river is alarmingly choppy as the Hooghly is known to be because of its tidal bore. However, those who have a phobia of riding the smaller boats can opt for the steamers that are not affected by the tidal waves during high water. This is the patch where even the weakest of stomachs easily makes it through without any feeling of discomfort. It is any how recommended for the not so regulars, to carry Mints to suck on them incase feeling uneasy through the journey. It does however have the effect of the rise and fall of the tide revealing the muddy banks within hours of where water was.

To experience the otherwise mesmerizing journey as an adventure or tour, one must sit on the wooden planks of the boats that have been extracted from the Babu culture of the Bengalis. While traversing through the slurps of Hooghly waves, one cannot miss but notice the greenery around that greets the eye.

One particularly good experience is the one which involves the travel during the time of the sunset. The shimmering of the orange setting sun on the river immediately renders the view both pleasing and photogenic. The picturesque surrounding is a common sight seen in a number of Hollywood movies. The overall time spent on the boat in the middle of the river is worth every moment especially for those trying it for the first time. Largely it is very easy to get lost in the breathtaking views all over from the majestic bridges to the serene feeling of moving through the Hooghly River with the boatsman punting you to your destination. Travel like this is a vacation in itself and must be especially exploited by those who visit Bally for fun.

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